The Lost Ways Book by Claude Davies – Review & Interview

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It is been said that if you can rediscover The Lost Ways, the road to redemption is certain. Today, you will not believe the product we will be discussing on our Fitness Health Review Community it’s The Lost Ways Book, the first of its kind of products we will be reviewing on this website that is Digital (PDF) and Physical (Shippable). What is the Lost Ways Book about? Is it really a special book? Why is everyone talking about The Lost Ways? And What will you gain from such an old-fashioned lifestyle in this present technology generation? From the little questions, I just mentioned, the answer is already obvious, the fact is that our generation is one of the dumbest generation when it comes to eating good food and living a healthy lifestyle.

Our generation call junks food, our generation lives on sugar and candy without knowing the risks behind them. Our generation’s average life span has been greatly reduced to 60years and a large percentage are facing diabetes, cancer and other health related problems that are caused by what we eat. I am not trying to be a badass while writing how dumb we have become, I am very passionate with pain to see a lot of my family and friends eating poison from our Big Food Companies who are sending us to the warming embrace of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Do you ever wonder why our grandfathers and grandmothers never had cancer or diabetes, do you ever wonder why they grow so old and strong? Well, that is what is called The Lost Ways.

Who Should Read about The Lost Ways?

If you are one of the people who is interested in a healthy lifestyle, then I will encourage you to open your mind and get a copy of The Lost Ways. The reason why we decided to bring The Lost Ways to our platform is not because it’s a fitness product, the impact it does not belong to the Health and Fitness category. It’s a book that is inclined to Family Survival during Perilous times. But we decided to bring this great book to our community because it teaches the old ways of survival, health living, preparing great delicious meals that are both nutritious and healthy.

What Should You Expect from The Lost Ways

One of the Interesting things that sparked my Imagination about The Lost Ways is a research that Claude Davies, the re-writer did. It’s a quick survey we did here some years ago, he asked a lot of people that “What are the 11 Skills your great-grandparents had that you don’t?” guess what, people started listing fishing, foraging, hunting, butchering and much more. Holy Crap, these hunting, and fishing were not skills, they are normal lively-hood like driving and surfing the internet today. The question is how did they come up with such lively-hod, how do they prepare their foods, how do they store their food for years? how do they cook? how do they prepare the most delicious delicacies without our so called technology! What did they build, store and how exactly did they do most of this things without Walmart and our great food processing companies.

How Will You Survive if War Break Up in America Tomorrow?

As I said before, The Lost Ways is not directly a fitness and health product, it is a Self-Survival product. So how will you survive if war, holocaust or famine breaks up in our dear country tomorrow? Well, you might think it will never be impossible. You are absolutely wrong if the war never comes, what about the holocaust, hurricane or a two weeks of a natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina blew up and a lot of people couldn’t deal with the hardship, anything happens naturally and nobody’s got control over it. Not even the government.

But today, you do. You can learn The Lost Ways. The Lost Ways will teach you how to survive for months and for years without depending on Walmart, Kroger or your local store. Apart from preparing for such perilous day, do you realize how much food you waste because the expire in your fridge? Now it’s time for you to start processing your food in The Lost Ways and enjoying a great freedom of delicious meal for a very long time.

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What is the Lost Ways Book

The Lost Ways Book comes in two versions, you can get the Digital Copy or the Paper Copy. You can also get the two of them together, the paper version will be shipped to your house. One of the reasons why I love the book (not the content) is the beauty of the old design that brings back the memories of our old books. I remember my grandparents used to have a shelf full of story books like this. Claude Davies the re-writer and compiler of this book designed the book in such a way that takes you back to back in time to four generations ago.

Quick Details about The Lost Ways

Title: The Lost WaysThe Lost Ways by Claude Davies

Author: Claude Davies

Number of Pages: 350 Pages

Category: Family Survival

Format: PDF & Paper Back

Price: $37 for Digital Only and extra $8 for Paper Copy

Rating: 4.5

Order: Click Here

Who is the True Author of The Lost Ways

Claude Davies is not the real author and pen behind The Lost Ways, he designed and edited the book into an old fashion way that meets up the expectation of our present generation. He is a very old fashioned guy who still lives in the old ways. Claude’s got a 150-square-foot cellar where he stores his food and drinks in his hand build cabin. He picked up several of his grandparent’s note, book and diary to discover how they used to live. If you watched the introduction video, he is not taking credits, he is a good guy who discovered the lost diamond from the rubies and discovered the great goldmine every one of us has lost. The Lost Ways is truly the way to go. Claude Davies the author of The Lost Ways spent 5 years gathering and putting together The Lost Ways into a digital and paper book.

Interview with Claude Davies by Alec Deacon for Survivopedia

We will go a bit step further to give you a live conducted interview with Claude Davies in this PDF Guide below. During this interview, you will discover the real man behind Claude and why he developed The Lost Ways. Alec Deacon, a great writer, and wonder of took his time to visit Claude Davies after reading the Lost Ways and wow, the Interview is breathtaking, if you won’t remember anything you have read on this website. Just go ahead right now to download and listen to the Interview with Claude Davies from Alex Deacon for

The Lost Ways by Claude Davies - Interview with The Man Behind the Book

Click Here to Download the Interview conducted by Alec Deacon

Snippets of Discoveries

  • The Lost Ways is over 345 pages with lots of great stuff.
  • You will learn how to build your kitchen without ever depending on electricity and your fridge.
  • Learn the secrets of how to store your food for months and years without an expiration date.
  • Be able to make very great delicious meals that last several years without refrigeration
  • Your foods will be very healthy and free of contaminants
  • Peradventure if anything happens tomorrow and the dollar becomes useless, you won’t care because you won’t need money at all
  • You will be able to restore your health and live a healthy lifestyle using the Lost Ways
  • Know the survival list everyone should grow in the backyard
  • You will be able to outlive your generation with sound health
  • I don’t need to keep talking about what you will get from this great book, just get it lol

Bonuses on The Lost Ways

Just like The Lost Ways, there are three other great books that you will receive as an extra bonus. These bonuses will be in the form of a digital copy, if you need the shippable copy, you may need to contact us or contact Claude Davis directly.

  • Bonus #1: What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard
  • Second Bonus: How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way
  • Bonus Three: A Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System,

To know more about theses bonuses, kindly click here to read from this page

Bonuses on The Lost Ways by Claude Davies

Our Final Recommendation about The Lost Ways

This is one of the greatest books that have ever been discovered, the book has sold several tens of thousands of copies already in just a few months of its release into a digital copy. To everyone in our community, you already know there is no regret in any product we review here, make sure you get a copy of The Lost Ways.

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