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Welcome to our Review on Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga System on Fitness Health Review. Understanding the rudiments of yoga practice is more than just making meaningless poses for the sake of doing it. This has often times been the reason why a lot of people suffer pain and other related injuries. Progressive yoga is all for correcting this and many more. Scott Sonnon created this Progressive Yoga System to solve the problems most yoga enthusiast, trainers are currently experiencing. He did this by creating a system that modifies the traditional system of carrying out yoga. The truth is that carrying out traditional yoga for the sake of it will only lead to more pain and injuries. Traditional yoga is not meant to just be practiced, you are either for the tradition and yoga itself or you are not, you cannot hang in the middle.

How Can Progressive Yoga Improve my Yoga?

People involved in yoga today that are not getting the result they want, are most times the architect of their own misfortune. They create the problems for themselves and cry when the consequences present themselves. An example of this scenario can be seen in the training choices that you make. These choices are responsible for some of the mishaps that you encounter. Whenever you carry out these training choices, your body feels the impact, and you look for the perfect way to bring back restoration. Most people often opt for the option of rest but this most often times fail to yield the much needed result, sleep also isn’t helpful either. After all these options fails, yoga seem to be the next option, but you also find it difficult to get into the needed positions and you probably get injured when you push too much. All these mishaps are your own making, from making poor training decisions. This is one of the points where Scott’s program comes in and helps you to make progressive yoga choices that will lead to incremental restorative mobility. Watch this video below before I continue with the writing.

One of the common mistakes that we make with our bodies while communicating with it, is that we do not pay full attention to what it is trying to pass across instead we yell commands at it. This can be seen when you stress up your body and it sends you back a message on much of it you are absorbing, your response is either negative or positive. Most people add up stress without putting in place the structure that will enable them recover from it, they try exercising more, but get less positive results and even generate more negative results. Then they stop exercising and the pain seems to reduce but it resurfaces again as soon as they resume the exercises. Yoga seems to be the next option but it also seems be bring little or no effect, the classes are too crowded and the languages are also very strange, so it offers no improvement whatsoever. The progressive yoga system shows ways to maximize yoga and also make meaningful progress while doing it. Most people practice the false notion tagged the “best yoga”, their body sends them silent messages which they ignore untill it becomes so loud and we call it pain, and in worse cases when all these warnings are completely ignored then injuries come into the picture. Here both the students and the instructors are to blame. Although there are some yoga instructors that are professional enough to let you know that entering and exiting a particular pose is very dangerous. This is correct but not to a large extent, because according to traditional yoga, your breath controls your practice. Hence when you enter and exit a pose, in the actual sense, you are not carrying out any pose at all, you are only ever in an ebb and flow.

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Scott Sonnon Progressive Yoga System eBook

Progressive yoga, is the only option for people I would like to refer to as the career people, this means people that have crazy schedules and a demanding life. Scott’s system is a means for them to compensate for their demanding and busy life.  The system is professional and flexible, you no longer have to worry if the tradition yoga does not work for you or you can’t seem to be able to make healthy training choices. The progressive yoga system combines manuals, videos, start up kits and guide that will ensure you do not make mistakes and most importantly that you make the most out of all that Scott Sonnon has to offer.

What are the Contents of Scott Sonnon Progressive Yoga

Scott’s passion is to see that you are able to one day carry out yoga routines on your own without an instructor’s supervision. His system is made up of dedicated full-length manuals, full length training videos and a quick start guide;

  • 5 Distinct manuals that are designed to help you progress steadily with yoga. It also contains a rich blend of Western and Eastern science and yoga style Scott personally prepared by applying his knowledge of motor developments, biometrics and stress physiology. These manuals will help you know how to stop stretching and start strengthening a balanced physique.
  • 5 full-length follow along videos designed by Scott to help you increase mobility, through incremental myofascial release. The videos are also designed to help restore functionality to lost ranges of motion not only by carrying out the allotted exercises but by also making wise choices as regards occupation, behavior and recreation which affect your ranges of motion. It is a system dedicated to restoring motion to your tight ends.
  • A quick start guide to help you understand the program and fully grasp what scott has in store in the whole program.The quick guide also contains the history of progressive yoga, a frequently asked questions section and lots more to help you have a smooth ride through Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga System.

Benefits of the Progressive Yoga Program

  1. There is a possibility that you might have bought one of the stages in the manuals before, the progressive yoga system allows you to pick up from where you left off and continue you progress. You don’t have to go through the entire program again.
  2. It provides a 60 day money back guarantee that allows you to enjoy the program for a 60 day period totally risk free. If you are satisfied with the results you are getting, all your investment on the program will will be return back to you no questions asked.
  3. You do not have to wait for shipping before you start the program, everything you need is downloadable and will be available as soon as make your purchase.
  4. Scott Sonnon’s Progressive Yoga System is available for a reduced price which is nothing compared to what Scott has in store.

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Scott Sonnon Progressive Yoga System eBook

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