Jump Manual Review – Jacob Hiller’s Secret of Vertical Jump

Jump Manual is a vertical jump training that provides all the information you need about jumping. It was developed by Jacob Hiller who is a master at what he does. The program will help you in jumping higher than before. It is a multi-facet approach that targets all the factors for vertical explosion.

What is Jump Manual all about

Jump manual was created by Jacob Hiller. Jacob has been a very good trainer for about 10 years now. He has achieved 44 inch vertical jump and his wide experience made him create this great program so as to help basketball players improve their game and self esteem. Jump manual is a program that contains all the approaches you need to increase your leg strength for high jump and best vertical lift. You also get a stretching technique that will make you flexible to jump higher and at the same time keep your muscles in good shape.

In jump manual, you will repeat the reps so as to increase your output. The program also include tips on how to hold ball and exercises that will help in strengthening your fingers so that you can hold ball more firmly. It also include information on how to prevent injuries during exercises. You get all these information in on one easy download and you can easily take it with you anywhere you go, be at home or in the gym. But there is one question. A question everyone need answer to before they invest in this program. The question is ‘ does it work’

Now let me answer the question with this brief video below as into the details below, if you cant watch the video, jump below to my continued review…

Jump Manual – Does it work?

Yes. Jump Manual does work very well. It works for beginners and someone that thinks he is the best jumper as well. Even as a good jumper, Jump Manual can introduce you to new methods that can add to your gain and skills. Jump manual is just like other training program , you need to put in your effort to get the result you want. And by following the instructions, doing the exercises and staying committed by repeating the reps, you will add at least 10 inches to your vertical jump with jump manual.

You may find this to be unrealistic, but it is possible. Many people that used it increased their jumps.

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Facts about Jump Manual on the market place

Product: Jump ManualDownload Jump Manual eBook Now

Author: Jacob Hiller

Format: e-book

Category: Health and Fitness

Rating: 4 out of 5

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Description: Program for Vertical Jump Training and Explosion.

About the Author

Jacob Hiller is the author of Jump Manual. He is very popular in the jump industry and has about 10 years of experience. He has trained so many athletes from different countries. He has coached many people from field athletes, college athletes to professional dunk through exercises and how they can gain more height. Also, he has trained so many coaches on strength and conditioning so that the coaches can help their students in improving the their vertical jump height. He has a height of 42 currently and he is just 32 years. This is very inspiring to those that want to make more leaps and be like Jacob.

Is it possible to gain 10 inches in 3 months with Jump Manual

Yes, it is possible to gain 10 inches in 3 months. Although, it is very difficult, so if you want to gain the 10inches, you have to follow all the instructions carefully and in the exact way you are told to do it. There are some things you need to do so as to get amazing result from this program. Below are the things that will help you in gaining more inches:

Your diet: you need to watch what you eat so as not to gain any weight during your training. Gaining weight can limit you from gaining more inches. Avoid foods like fats and sugars and make sure you eat healthily.

Train hard: you need to train very hard if you want amazing result. You can’t just do little training and call it a day, you won’t get the result you want like that. You really need to force your body in each exercise. You need intense training to jump higher.

Don’t over train: you don’t have to add excess exercise to the ones that was described in the program already. Do not think that adding more will make you gain more. If you are thinking like this, then you are wrong. This is what called over train. And if you actually over train, you won’t gain but lose. So do not over train.

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Pros of Jump Manual:

  • There is a forum known as jumpers forum. You get access to this forum and ask any question. There are also other athletes who have increased their vertical. You can work with them in this forum.
  • It is a program that is backed up with a lot of testimonies of those that used it. This shows that it really works.
  • There is one-on-one coaching. You get answers to all your questions about vertical and how to increase your vertical.
  • Many training programs do not cover aspects like recovery and nutrition. But jump manual talked about it and how nutrition can help in improving your vertical.
  • It is a step by step program that contains videos and chart to explain more about each exercise.
  • There is 60-day guarantee. You have the opportunity to ask for your Money back after 60 days if you are not satisfied with the result.
  • The exercises are not time consuming. Each exercise has Ben organized for different days and usually take between 30 to 40 minutes. There are days when the exercises are not long and there are some exercises that are for short period, between 5 to 10 minutes.

Cons of Jump Manual:

It is normal for every product to have its negative sides. and it is good to understand these negatives before going for a new program. So you need to check the cons before making any decision about a product.

So what are the cons…

Jump manual is not a quick fix program. You need to be hardworking, give it good time and be dedicated to it if you want it to be effective. It is not a program that you will use and get result overnight in 2 days. It takes gradual Process and the benefits come with time.

If you are looking for a program that will increase your gain overnight, not only is jump manual not for you, but you can never see such program.

The quality of the videos are not too good and they even take longer time to download. But once you download them, you will get to know more about the exercises.

Would I recommend Jump Manual?

Yes. I had great results with it and most other people that used it got good results too. If you are serious about improving vertical jump, jump manual is what you should go for. Have that great feeling of being able to jump over and take over your opponents.

And by repeating your reps, which may be somehow tiring and stressful at first, you will find more power to gain more inches, jump higher and reach the heights you have always dreamed of.

If you follow all the instructions carefully, put in your hard work, and follow the everything you need follow, jump manual will help to improve your vertical jump and you will be one of the beat athlete with good game and self esteem.

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