Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules Review

The first milk produced by a pregnant mammal is called Colostrum. It is a “whole food” that the offspring needs for all-around growth and development immediately after birth. It is a confirmed fact, that our environment and the atmosphere is full of bacteria and viruses that can be very harmful to the health of infants during birth and after birth if necessary precautions are not taking at the appropriate time. Colostrum, is the first milk that a baby feeds on after birth. It is fortified with essential nutrients that not only helps the baby grow and develop well, but also provides protection for the baby against external infection from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Colostrum is produced by all mammals during pregnancy or immediately after birth. During pregnancy, is first seen when the breast begins to have leakages of milk. This milk (Colostrum) could be a clear fluid or golden in color. Colostrum is so important in the development of an infant that it can be considered to be the first vaccination an infant takes at the beginning part of its life. According to some researches, if colostrum is to be produced in commeImmune Tree Colostrum Capsulesrcial quantities so that everybody would be able to partake of the health benefits it has to offer, it would cost around $80 per ounce. This shows how invaluable colostrum is. The Immune tree colostrum capsules is a rich blend of natural colostrum, it is designed specifically to help adults, young adults and children harness the benefits of colostrum. Hence by purchasing the Immune tree colostrum capsules and administering it to your body, you get to enjoy the same benefits infants enjoy at birth.

Aging people and adults can now promote their health and vitality by using the new Immune tree colostrum capsules. The health benefits associated with colostrum would help aging people to reverse their aging processes, help fat people reduce weight by quenching their appetite for too much food, and many more other fantastic health benefits.

The Immune Tree has harvested natural colostrum in its purest form and presented it in this new wholesome food supplement called the “Immune tree colostrum capsules. It is purely natural and has all the necessary ingredients that Colostrum contains, hence it as potent as the colostrum coming out of a mammals breast. So if you want to reverse your aging process and totally eradicate the physical effects of the aging process, or you want a food supplement that can help you lose weight, you can totally count on the Immune tree colostrum capsules. It is fortified with essential nutrients to help you attain and sustain a healthy life. This review would be centered on the Immune tree colostrum capsules; this would enable you to know more about the product and what you have to gain by using it. Several testimonies about the Immune tree colostrum, prove beyond doubt that it is a potent “whole food” supplement. Some people who have used the product can’t stop recounting how the product has helped them rebuild their body and how it has helped them live normal life without being sick. The Immune tree Colostrum, capsule would no doubt help you solve your aging problems, fading vitality and many more.

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Order Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules Now

Overall Rating

It has an overall rating of 5.0. This means that the Immune tree colostrum capsules has a huge acceptance among users worldwide and they have no reason to doubt the capability of the product or the health benefits that it has to offer. Immune tree colostrum capsules is potent and natural and should top your list when you are deciding to get a food supplement.

Product Details and Description

Associate professors of “Cornell University” have certified the Immune tree colostrum capsules to be “true colstrum”. This certification makes it the only Colostrum in the world to be certified by Cornell University Associate Professors.

The Colostrum produced by Immune Tree is low heat-spray dried, 100% natural and does not contain any form of chemical additives or fillers. Immune tree Colostrum is more anabolic and natural than synthetic compounds. This colostrum capsule is fortified with natural building blocks to help you enhance your physical and mental performance, endurance, strength, stamina, health or energy.

180 count; 500mg capsules of Immune tree colostrum capsules contains the following per serving;

  1. 2300ng/g of IGf-1
  2. 2-3% of Lactofferin
  • 25% total immunoglobulins
  1. 24% Proline-Rich Polypeptides.

It should be noted that the Immune tree colostrum capsules is purely natural and has not form of chemical additives or preservatives.

Health Benefits of the Immune tree colostrum capsules

If you have been following this review carefully, you must have picked out quite a number of health benefits embedded in using the Immune tree colostrum capsules. It is capable of reversing aging effects, restoring vitality and youthfulness, aiding weight loss amongst a host of other benefits that this awesome product has to offer. These benefits are made possible by some vital constituent of first-milk colostrums, for example, weight loss is possible because of the ability of first-milk colostrum to help reduce appetite for food thereby cutting excesses in eating. Immune Tree Colostrum would also help you in boosting your immune system. It is capable of doing this because first milk colostrum contains a lot of bio-active substances that help the immune system combat external invaders like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. These bio-active substances are called immune boosters, they help in enhancing immune system processes like phagocytosis (the process by which white blood cells engulf harmful organisms that invade the body). Examples of theses immune system boosters are;

  1. Immunoglobulins: These are antibodies that neutralize pathogens in the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  2. Immune Tree Colostrum CapsulesLactofferin: They also prevent external invasion of pathogens by binding iron which the pathogens need in order multiply. This means that when the pathogens enter the blood, they can’t multiply because the environment is not conducive for their multiplication hence they die.
  3. Transferrin
  4. Lysozyme
  5. Peroxidase
  6. Proline-rich polypeptide (PRP)
  7. Cytokines
  8. Lymphokines
  9. Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates
  10. Thymosin
  11. Transfer Factors
  12. Nucleotides and nucleosides
  13. Xanthine Oxidase

How to take the Immune tree colostrum capsules

This colostrum capsule is a whole food supplement so you can take as much as you want without worrying about side effects. However it is easier to test this product out by first following the recommended dosage.


Immune tree colostrum capsules is sold for $30.98, although the price could vary from store to store. In some stores, the price could also be subject to bargaining but it would be wise to avoid stores that sell at ridiculously low prices so as to not fall victim of counterfeit products.

Quality Guarantee

The immune tree colostrum capsules is a “whole food” supplement that is natural and pure. It is harvested from pure and fresh colostrum of cows after the new born calves must have taken their own share. There are no chemical additives or fillers. The product is a 100% natural and safe without side effect issues to worry about.

Click Here to Order Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules Now

Order Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules Now

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