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Introduction to The Bar Brothers System

Welcome to The Bar Brothers Review. Not all of us can afford the ridiculous amounts that gyms around us charge for few hours of working out in their facility. It is also not so easy to establish or create a gym at home, so most many people either forget about working out in the gym or fall back crude facilities at home, in the park or street. It would amaze you to know you can get the same results you would get when working out in a gym when you work out in the park, street or home. The success of this street workout depends largely on the knowledge of the kind of exercises to engage in and whether the magic equipment is available where the pole is. Street working out has been around for quite a while now and a large number of people have been partaking in it without understanding how to fully utilize the streets and park in order to build a strong and stable body. The Bar brothers discovered the secrets in working out in the street, parks and homes and they have been sharing this secret with thousands of other people who have taken their street working out routines to the next level. The Bar brothers invented a large number of exercises that could be done with bars and how to harness the benefits of these programs in order to build a body that you can be proud of and confident about.

The Bar brothers System is a body fitness training group that was created by brothers just by working out on the street. We shall Get Started with The Bar Brothersdiscuss more on the creation of the bar brothers later on in this write up. Their exercise routines in the street or park are based on the use of bars. The Bar brothers System kind of exercise technique is designed in such a way that as you partake in it, you have fun and at the same time, keep your body strong and fit. This street work would ensure that you get a toned, built and strong body. Next time you want to go out-door and enjoy yourself in the fresh air, you can add your training in the park schedule as it is a sure way to get your muscles developed and strong.

Although the bar brothers group was created by brothers, their style has moved to many other countries across the globe and a lot of people have started using their style of body building technique in their working out schedule on a daily basis.

You can also join the club of men who have well toned and built bodies without the use of any gym service, equipment or training. All you need is just the park and a bar. Using the bar brother’s technique of working out, you would enjoy benefits of building your body without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for gym services and equipments.

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Brief Facts about the Bar Brothers

PRODUCT: The Bar Brothers SystemThe Bar Brothers

AUTHORS: Dusan Lazar Novovic and Djolevic (Founders of the Bar Brothers group)

FORMAT: Training guide, Videos

CATEGORY: Fitness, Body Building and Health

RATING: 5 stars

RANKING: #Best Seller

Brief Description: The Bar brothers System initiative is designed to help people who cannot afford to go to a gym and use their sophisticated equipment in their body building processes. It is a routine that can be conveniently performed in parks, street or even at home so far there is a bar that can be used. We would look into the usefulness of bars in the Bar brothers style of street body building. It does not matter if you have the equipments required in body building or not, with the bar brothers style of body building; you get your body toned easily and without the sophistication of a gym within a 6 month period.


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Full Details on the Bar brothers System training guide

Working out in the gym could be fun but sometimes, some people just cannot afford the expensive charges that most gym centers request for. This necessity is what led to the creation of the bar brothers group. This group has invented a new way of training using a bar that can be found in a park, street or even at home. The exercise routines developed by these brothers are simple and easy to understand but I cannot guarantee that it wouldn’t be stressful and tiring but one thing I can guarantee is that it would give you the result that you are looking for. It is as simple as waking up in the morning but you have to be determined and hardworking in order to see the dividends of the bar brothers System.

The Bar brother’s style is unique in such a way that it can be used to achieve what people spends a lot of money trying to achieve like the symmetrical and asymmetrical toning of the body. The bar brothers style of training involves the use of fixed bars and utensils at parks that almost anybody can access at no cost at all. One of the attributes of the bar brothers style of training is the “No pain No gain” attributes. When you eventually join the group, you will watch videos of training sessions and get to see the kind of pain that is involved in the bar brothers style of training. In the end the results out-weigh the pain that was initially experienced. This means that you are going to sacrifice a little before you eventually enjoy the dividends of being a part of the bar brothers group.

Here a list of exercises you would learn to do when you join the group

Note that this exercises are strenuous but they will eventually help you develop a body like that of the bar brothers. In order to see the pictorial representation of the exercises I am about to list, visit the official website of the Bar Brothers System.

  1. Wide grip pull ups
  2. Front lever swing
  3. Leg raises
  4. Muscle Ups
  5. Australian pull ups
  6. Jump on higher platform
  7. Typewriter pull ups
  8. L sit Bicycle Pulled up

I could go on and on, there are many other exercises that you would learn how to do in this program; the above mentioned exercises are just a few out of very exercises you will have to do. The Bar Brothers group would teach you about the best exercises for body weight training, some of them are;

  • The pushups: This is one of the best exercises to work hard at in order to develop the upper body, it can be performed by anyone at any place
  • The Chairs Triceps Exercises: Here you will hold your hand down to your buttocks until your elbows are as close in an angle of 90 degrees, then you perform the pushups.
  • Pull bar: This is one of the best exercises for building the body strength. Of all the exercises that the bar brothers are familiar with, this is the one they recommend the most.

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PROs of the Bar Brothers Training System

  • You do not require any form of expensive equipment in order to generate results.
  • It can be done by anyone
  • You can have fun while engaging it
  • The results of the bar brothers System exercises are permanent and awesome.

CONs of the Bar Brothers Training System

  • It is an outdoor event, so have to work in front of a lot of people

It is very painful, “No pain No gain”.

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