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    Does the Organic African Red Tea Work?

Like you all know, at www.fitnesshealthreview we always do justice to every subject that comes to our focal point. Recently, we reviewed the African Red tea by Liz Swann Miller in relationship to its fat shrinking and shredding properties. Now we are going to be doing a more detailed review on its relationship to effective exercise for maximum gains.

Remember the popular saying, ‘We are what we eat’..

Often I hear people say, ‘If only i could curb my hunger, I could easily lose weight’.

Although not valid, this statement has an element of truth; what we put in our body matters a lot. Starving yourself so you can achieve your desired body goals would only give rise to several health complications on the long run. Some of which include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, ulcers, weight gain, and a drastic plunge in daily energy level.


 African red tea woman on a scale

According to It is no news that among Americans 32.2% adult men and 35.7% women are obese or overweight according to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) . 

Fat, the culprit that has garnered an enormous amount of attention to itself lately due to its excessive presence in our diets from oils from food are stored in the body as triglycerides which in turn results in body fat.

One of the hardest fats to lose is the one around the belly because they have been stored up and locked in.

Fats are largely present in the the following food products:

  • Margarine
  • Butter
  • Vegetable oils
  • Diary products
  • Animal food sources
  • Shortening
  • Lard

Contrary to popular belief that all fat is bad, an adult requires a minimum of 15 to 25 grams of fat daily.

  • Fat creates antibodies to fight diseases
  • Serve the purpose of carrying some vitamins
  • Insulates the body against temperature changes in the environment
  • Protects vital organs in the body.

Neural information move through the brain and to the body with the help of fat lines while it insulates the neurons. Major functions in the body requires fat.

We need to make sure we strike a balance between the three major types of fats:

  1. Polyunsaturated
  2. Monounsaturated
  3. Saturated fats.


How The African Red Tea Burns Fat

African Red tea helps the body get rid of toxins that have been stored and locked into the body by flushing them out completely.

Research by Skidmore College’s exercise scientists proved that oxidative stress can be reduced by detoxification, thus cutting out a key causal factor associated to Alzheimer’s disease.

Wonder why some people find it so difficult to lose  excess weight?

The reason is that, losing weight has proven to be very difficult or sometimes impossible for some people due to the fact that losing weight without getting rid of harmful toxins from the body results in oxidative stress and Alzheimer’s.

Moreso, if all the sources and  traces of toxins in our body is not well managed then there is an increased tendency of hormonal imbalances which could result even worse health issues and excessive weight gain (obesity).

The knowledge that our body has the ability to produce toxins, will make us take our eating habits and lifestyle choices seriously.

Hence, we must make sure to help our body system carry out its own house cleaning by detoxifying regularly with the African red tea.


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COMPONENT                                                                       PRESENCE


Antioxidants Yes
Caffeine No
Vegan / Vegetarian safe Yes
Diary free Yes
Gluten free Yes
Sugar free Yes
Oxalic acid No


          Added benefits of the Organic African red tea

  • The red tea contains zero fats and carbohydrates
  • A great alternative for caffeine
  • Safely gets rid of fats and toxins
  • No excessive flavorings (slightly sweet, mild)
  • Contains no oxalic acid compared to green and black teas which results in kidney stones.
  • Chances of iron binding is zero due to its low tannin levels compared to the tannin content in green and black tea.

Loaded with a high level of powerful antioxidants scientifically backed to possess antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral and immune system boosting properties that fight oxidative damages perpetrated by toxic substances in the body.


African red tea picture. jpgThe African Red Tea 

The African red tea is a result of more than 5 years of research of over 500 medical studies, several books and diet systems that spans over 3 years of real world testing.

This tea efficiently cleans out toxin and fats from the body.

This African red tea comes with a money back guarantee to help you lose 14 pounds in 14 days when used correctly.

Provided that you are trying to lose more weight , repeat the program till you achieve your set goals.


Why this Organic African red tea is special

After studying the benefits and side effects of each of the 5 powerful ingredients that make up the African red tea, i am confident to say that this is the best health drink money can buy.

While it naturally reduces stress, balance insulin levels, promotes fat burning hormones and helps detoxify the body system.

The African red detox tea is your much awaited solution to excessive weight gain and fat loss.

Because of the Africanred tea, you don’t have to;

Indulge in unnecessary hectic workout programs

  • Carry on with diet programs that never works
  • Continue investing in expensive weight loss medications
  • Constant doctor visits
  • Keep up with boring weight loss lessons.

Why you should drink this Organic African red tea

Drinking this tea will help you achieve you set health, fitness and body goals efficiently due to its ability to stop hunger and cravings especially for those with a sweet tooth who are constantly in search of junk foods.

Other  scientifically proven reasons why you must  drink this African red tea are;

  • It helps you get a good night sleep so you feel great while your body system repair, replenish and renew itself to better fight against diseases and illness causing bacteria.
  • Maintain healthy energy levels throughout the day so you can live you best quality of life while spending intimate time with your partner or playing with family and friends.
  • Fights Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases due to its brain protection and detoxifying abilities.
  • Helps your body protect itself from diabetes, heart attack and cancer while you lose excess body fat.
  • Helps your body system detoxify and regenerate itself from age-long environmental pollution and toxic build-up.
  • Helps rekindle your sex life by making intimate moments with your partner last longer, better and pleasurable, due to positive body image, vigor and vitality which has the ability to steam up passion and intimacy in your relationship.


The African red tea is backed by medical facts to be a highly effective with its ability to put an end the resulting effects of toxic build up in the body.

It’s five key ingredients;

  • Fat shredder
  • Metabolic enhancer
  • Fat unlocker
  • Fat cleanser
  • Hunger killer
  • helps the body combat dangerous diseases especially at their early stages
  • Pre growth of cancerous cells
  • Hypothyroidism and
  • Heart diseases.


The organic African red tea is caffeine free, vegan and vegetarian safe, dairy safe, gluten free and absolutely sugar free.

                       Try The African red Tea Now!

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