African Red Tea – The Miracle Fat Burning Tea from Africa

AFRICAN RED TEA – The Fat Burning Tea from Africa

You have undoubtedly heard the expression, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’.

This website have been known online to only review products that are impactful and not a waste of money. There are thousands of fat burning tea on the internet and today, I will be doing a very detailed review of the African Red Tea that was introduced into the American internet health and fitness market by Liz Swann Miller.

To provide you the accurate information on this blog, I, the author of this content is an African from West Africa and I already know about a lot of African teas for over 20 years before I relocated to the United States few years ago. There are a lot of African tea but this specific one is worth reviewing on this website.

You can ask many west africans, especially from Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. They always ensure someone brings them these type of tea and other herbal products whenever a relative is coming from Africa. If you have been wasting money online on some asian or African fat burning tea, I will reveal the secrets behind the tea and the important things you should note before wasting your money on any fat burning tea online.

African Red Tea - The fat burner

African Red tea – The Fat Burner

Imagine having radiant health while eating to satisfaction and maintaining a slim body. Sound too good to be true?




Sounds too good to be true? Not at all, it is achievable with African red tea -The fat burning tea, the miracle fat burner.

Lately, so many people have realized that dieting is overrated because it almost never works.

Achieving a perfect body type without the need for an excessive workout program or equipment, calorie counting, food measuring, randomly generated menus and uncomfortable spandex leotards just became easier. The answer is an ancient formula found in the African red tea detox containing fat burners.

Picture yourself with the confidence of walking into a place knowing that people are staring at you for the right reasons; Your good looks! Now you must be wondering what this magic red tea is all about, and how I managed to gather information about this breakthrough weight loss discovery.

With the red tea detox made with five perfect ingredients which complements each other in harmony, I have seen people lose as much as 14 pounds in 14 days.

african red tea review on fitness health review

What Is the African Red Tea?

The African Red Tea is comprised mainly from extracts from the Rooibos  (pronounced “roy-boss”) bush plant from the mountainous region of Cederberg (north of Cape Town) in South Africa. This 300 year old bush is brewed and fermented until it produces its famous red-brown color that gives it the name “african red tea” or “african bush tea”.

The sweet aromatic flavor of the tea was first made popular to the tea industry by Dutch settlers in South Africa in the 1700’s. The red tea, its botanical name Aspalathus linearis, linearis coming from the description of the long, needle like leaves and long stalk of the plant, contains less than half the tannin of black tea and other herbal teas.

Tannin is found in teas and gives them color and a bitter after taste and also inhibits the absorption of iron and protein in your diet when consumed in large amounts. Often, you can hear tannin in reference to grape wines as well. Therefore, when drinking a cup of red tea, you may not need any sugar to enhance the flavor of the tea because it lacks the bitter taste. The tea contains absolutely no calories and naturally no caffeine.

If you prefer to watch the video about this African Read Tea, then watch the clip below.

How the fat burning African red tea works

  • Stops uncontrollable food cravings and sweet tooth
  • Stops the excessive weight gain which results from excessive dieting and meal skipping.
  • Elevates energy levels and cuts off the place of mid- afternoon crashes.
  • Cuts down cortisol, a stress hormone that hinders the brain from helping the body to lose weight.
  • Ensures that fats released from the brain are used up in the form of energy.
  • Ensures the removal of harmful fat cells and toxins from the body and makes existing fat cells to metabolize faster
  • Contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea
  • Leptin, the “satiety hormone”,  is increased by the tea, making you feel fuller faster.

This tea contains ingredients that helps the body burn fats in less than 4 hours.

Clinical researches has described this tea to be totally different from anything we have ever seen, with 99% of the people who tried it realizing ultimate results.

This red tea burns fat, cleanse, detoxes and forces out fatty cells out of the body.

Helping those who are overweight to combat their increased risk of

  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cancer

which result from slow metabolism and built up toxins in the body. Red tea detox is highly essential for people who want to lose weight without stress and cravings while moving from high fat burning to high octane burning



The African red tea helps create a steady urine flow without excreting potassium and calcium.

This product opens you up to a new world where you can eat your favorite foods,  indulge in some ice cream, chocolate, steak and beer without obsessing about their caloric content and the guilt that comes along with it.

This unique formula will help you burn fat, protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and guaranty good sleep.

Brewing A Cup of African Red Tea

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy a cup of this tea:

  • The “loose-leaf” tea is great because it can be reused over and over again. Just use a tea strainer is hot water and steep for 5-6 minutes.
  • For a cold brew, use fresh, pure and filtered water.
  • Taste your brew after steeping for recommended time and see if you like the flavor. The african red tea is unlike green tea or black tea because it does not become more bitter as it steeps for longer amounts of time, only stronger and more aromatic.
  • Add creamer or milk to add more flavor to the tea.
  • Can be used in lattes, iced-teas and modern cocktails.
  • Store your tea where you would store your other teas and herbs, in a cool place to enjoy its maximum shelf life.

This isn’t like any of the other diet programs you’ve tried. There’s no calorie counting, no calculating points, and no more bad food!


The Fat Burning African Red Tea Recipe

The African red tea recipe is easy to make, unlike your various dieting program, guaranteed to give you healthy hair, smooth skin, good sleep and a great body.

You can get it here for a special price!

What is inside the fat burning African red tea?

  1. Aspalathin – a fat shrinking compound which is composed mainly of flavonoids which combats stress and cravings. Therefore improve your mood while guarding your liver against damage.
  2. Detoxifying compounds – this tea is a great detoxifier, helps the body metabolize carbohydrates.
  3. Fat cleansing compounds – contains organic ingredients which promotes digestive system optimal functions and fat burners.
  4. Quercetin – a bioflavonoid that can inhibit the effects of allergic reactions.

Contains Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Magnesium, Alpha  Hydroxy Acid.

What you gain from using this African red tea

You are going to be changing your life for the better forever by trying the African red detox tea with its ancient fat shredding properties which can help get rid of stubborn belly fat overnight, so you can finally:

  • Overcome stress and anxiety
  • Be energetic to perform daily activities/ tasks.
  • Wear your well fitting jeans, pants and beautiful dresses from years back
  • Increase sexual stamina, desire and vigor for steamy moments with your partner. Can produce more concentrated amounts of sperm in males.
  • Anti-aging
  • Supports strong bones
  • Aids in digestion
  • Keeps skin and hair young and prevents dandruff

African red fat burning tea is a result of several scientific research and studies spanning over five years.

My parents, sibling, friends and clients enjoy this product so much. This tea works for everyone.

It is time for you to take advantage of the African red tea to put a stop to food cravings so you can achieve your desired body type while living your best life.

This product is highly affordable so price won’t be an issue, our goal is to make sure this product is available for every household and accessible to everyone.

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