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Recently I posted on the Community Forum to ask if anyone have used 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Ignore by Tyler Bramlett, there have been several contributions out the program but before I even waited to get feedback from lovely people from our Fitness Community, I went ahead to purchase a copy of Tyler Bramlett’s eBook so that I can read it and know its really worth it before people start spending any fortune to get the book.

As you already know, is dedicated to giving only the best and unbiased review about any health and fitness related produce. I and My wife took the time to read it and we are already looking forward to the results of some of our users who have decided to join Tyler Bramlett program after reading the book. Before you go ahead to purchase 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits by Tyler, let me give you my detailed review, it will help you to make a very good decision.

I bought a Copy of Tyler Bramlett’s 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Ignore

Firstly, I was impressed when I got to Tyler Bramlett’s website Well, I bit skeptical because I have never known him but immediately I listened to him, I saw something different about him. Instead of other fitness so-called guru who uses whiteboard videos, he only did something simple and he is giving out almost freebies! We have seen a lot of people like this in the industry before and honestly that was my first impression even though he sounds nice.

Well, Free can be very catchy, yes indeed I think that why people rushed into 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits, well whoever gave him that idea, it worked, at least I bought a copy of the book (big smile) All he asked for was $6 for the shipment of the book, but before our community people go ahead and donate $6 to Tyler, I went there to buy the book myself to see what Tyler’s got to offer, here is my screenshot below.

Copy of my 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Ignore

Unboxing My 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits

After the congratulations displayed above, I there is a short 2mins 36seconds welcome video that teaches you how to use the whole package, Tyler explains how to use the several components of the program. The program consists of PDF, Videos, and Audios, you can choose to study the 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Ignore using any format either listening to the audio or watching the videos.

1. Download the Printable Manual (PDF) – 60 pages

2. Download the 27 Habits Checklist – 1 Page

3. Watch & Listen Online or Download Video & Audio Files (27 Videos and Audios)

Quick Details of 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Avoid

Title: 27 Lifestyle HabitsThe 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits You Cant Avoid

Author: Tyler Bramlett

Format: eBook including, PDF, Audios, Videos

Category: Fitness & Health

Rating: 4.4

Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back

Support: Live Support Available

Download Link: Click Here

Details of 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits

The 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits is a 60 pages book separated into Three Sections. Each section is an ordered topic of habits that you need to develop after reading the book. The first section is the Daily Habits, the second section is the weekly habits and the third section is the monthly habits. Everything Tyler is trying to explain and trying to teach is this, exercises and eating good food for the sake of losing weight and getting physical fitness is not enough. You need to develop daily habits that will change your life forever.

Hmm Habits? Yes, I agree with Tyler because one of our greatest problems in this country is our eating habits that have been choked on us by our food manufacturing companies. Tyler is right by focusing on challenging and teaching people the right healthy habit instead of just pushing them into some rigorous exercises. Bad living and daily living habits are the reason why some people lose weight after some exercises and end up gaining more weight after few months. With the 27 Habits that he explained his 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits eBook, anyone can lose weight, burn excess fat and have a great life.

I was very blessed when I started to read this eBook, as an entrepreneur, I already know that habits are the greatest secrets of success, as a matter of fact, I keep dropping and picking new habits every day but I have never seen it this broad perspective of weight loss and fitness before. 15 DAILY HABITS,  7 WEEKLY HABITS,  5 MONTHLY HABITS

27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits is not a psychological book, NO, it has highlighted Daily Habits, Weekly Habits, and Monthly Habits that I read and I immediately put my pen to paper and pasted some to the wall. From my purchase, I got a printable Daily Habit Formation Checklist which is super awesome, it’s a checklist I need to use every day to make sure am living right and doing the right healthy lifestyle.

How to Use the 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits Book

This 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habit is very straightforward, but since you will be receiving multiple of information, it will be sensible to understand how to use the whole package. On page 6 of 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits, tyler explains how to exactly use the book:

1. Take time off during the next week to read through the 27 habits: It will definitely take you some few hours to read through 60 pages, I am the lazy type so I decided to watch the videos instead, from my membership page, I have access to the 27 Habits in a series of videos. the videos are very short and more elaborate than just reading some PDF, each one of them is about 3minutes. Tyler was in front of the camera the whole time explaining each habit you need to develop and turn into your daily life pattern. Check the Image below.

The Vidoes and Audios Download Page of 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits

2. Print Out the Habit Formation Checklists: This checklist is a 31 Day Plan that you can print and put on your fridge or office table. I printed it and placed it on my own personal plan that I have developed a lot of time ago. Every single day, if you follow the checklist and mark it every day, you will be amazed at how awesome you will look at the end of 30 days. Your life will be changed without any hard feeling. I will add the image here just for a while but I may remove it again very soon due to copyright issues.

The Checklist for 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits

3. Begin to do all the Five of the Monthly Habits on your day off: Since the section Three of this 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits is for monthly habits, you need to start doing the monthly activities which will definitely transform you. Some of the monthly activities are setting and adjusting your fitness goals, identify where you are currently and notice what works for you, then create a new daily affirmation that focuses on your new found plan. (I will explain this later)

4. Make Sure you perform 2 recommended Weekly Habits out of the 7

5. Pick a minimum of just three of the daily habits and make sure you perform them and focus on doing them daily. The program is not very restrictive, it makes you direct the flow of whatever you choose to do.

One of the Reasons why I love 27 LifeStyle Body Transformation Habits

Tyler is smart, he understands that DO THIS, DO THAT way of fitness is total bullshit, everyone needs to develop and create his own secret formula. Yes, in the real world of health and fitness, you need to take all the wisdom you can get, follow the principles you can buy, combine everything together and form your own habit of personal healthy lifestyle that is comfortable and fit for you for the rest of your life. So indirectly Tyler is teaching us how to use his methods of body transformation and other fitness programs from anywhere to form habits that can become our daily lifestyle forever. That is smart! That is exactly what I meant above when I wrote that you must create a daily affirmative way of life that focuses on your new found plan.

My Final Verdict about 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits you can’t Ignore

Is the details of this eBook and program something spectacular? NO, bottom line is that Tyler Bramlett is a guy who knows what He’s doing, he just put together some bunch of key important basic things that everyone already knows to encourage us to form a healthy living lifestyle. As a matter of fact, some of the 27 points are pretty useless and crap, for example. Habit 13, MAKE SURE YOU LAUGH, what the heck is that, who doesn’t laugh? some of the points are basic things everyone can know, it’s just that he built a very good system around the basic points of life that some people are missing.

Do I recommend the 27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits?

Well, YES for people who find it hard to develop a healthy lifestyle habit, people who have been having a hard time to start exercising, focus on getting a healthy lifestyle. The book is basically to train you to develop the lifestyles that will ultimately keep you healthy and fit for a long time.

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27 Lifestyle Body Transformation Habits

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